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MINNEAPOLIS, MN— 1/18/2021 — Antonio Darris might have released this eye-opening and socially conscious song at the tail-end of 2020, but coming into 2021, it is still very necessary to the public of America. As COVID-19 numbers are still on the rise, along with the obstructive and inhumane behavior at the Capitol Building, there is no wonder that Antonio Darris foresaw the need to create this visual captivating music video for “The Change of 2 Americas”.

Antonio Darris – The Change of 2 Americas

“What a wonderful song and video!”

“I love your work and message…”

“This is powerful!”

“Watched this about six times (so far)!”

“Would you try to make a change? A change for brighter days,” croons Antonio with singer, Low-Key, harmonizing throughout the background vocals. Opening the song with lines from Dr. Martin Luther King’s “The Other America” speech automatically sets the tones for what is to come through the sonic medium. Visuals of the peaceful protests following the tragic murder of George Floyd along with realistic, yet incredibly sad, dramatizations of a white woman shifting the position of her bag, and a black man (portrayed by Antonio) getting pulled over by a policeman and getting shot. These are the realities that certain citizens face, but others have yet to live through. “This is what the country needs to hear. This is what world needs to witness. This song is the anthem of present times,” exclaims singer-songwriter Antonio Darris. ‘The Change of 2 Americas’ is sure to encapsule those that have been paying attention to recent American history. Even with the coronavirus pandemic at hand, nothing has changed for many individuals, but Antonio is looking to put that on notice.

As “The Change of 2 Americas” continues to grow and gain traction, the American citizens must wonder about their own state of being for music to continuously bring up topics within this manner. With Black Lives Matter movements rising and other organizational feats, other than technology in everyday usage, not much has changed in the last 30-40 years as far as humanity and civil reactions within our “free” country. Listening to the first verse of the song, Antonio sings “we’re not taking back seats no more” as an ode to Rosa Parks and all of striving and backburner treatments that Black Americans have endured for too many decades. Not even to mention slavery alone, but Antonio continues to croon with “imagine waking up in the skin of a different shade.” Which has always been a topic as white American receive “privileged” opportunities versus their counterparts as history taught us but the present day reminds us. “The Change of 2 Americas” is the anthem of today and would have been if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been able to march with a bluetooth speaker from 2021.

Antonio Darris, ‘The Change of 2 Americas’ (source: YouTube)

How are you making a change for a better America?

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